Joe Biden F Bomb Video Updates

Obama and Biden have been celebrating the passage of Obama’s Health Care reform bill, which the administration has made the centerpiece of their time in workplace.

Joe Biden F Bomb Video watched on Movie Box application would also become a piece to be kept in libraries to show the students of political science that even Vice Presidents can go so far to express their joy if they felt that they have achieved their pretty hard goal and why not Biden after all he was the man who said about his present President, “Not Yet Ready” to whom Obama reciprocated with ‘Very Ready’ Vice President at Biden’s nomination.

Biden was all smiles as he hugged Obama and shook his hand. He mentioned “This is a large f-cking deal” which might be fairly clearly noticed by most in attendence, especially because he uttered the profanity with an open mic present.

Watch Video Here on Showbox also..Video of Joe Biden dropping an F-Bomb and You have to listen closely because he kind of whispers the f-bomb in Obama’s ear so it’s not very audible, but it’s there.